Rick Haltermann - PhotographerRick Haltermann is a photographer, musician, African dance teacher, jazz DJ, writer, and the Director of the Association of Noetic Practitioners (noeticbalancing.com).

He is the author of Curriculum of The Soul, a book about transformation and an invitation to consider new perspectives on how to live a soul life and stay true to one’s higher self. Find the book here: curriculumofthesoul.com.

“This book is truly a treasure. Eloquently written with deep heart. The weaving through traditions, poetry, and practical wisdom is a pleasure to read and an invitation to the opening and deepening of soul. Beautifully laid out, it takes you on a journey that awakens the reverence we so long for in our busy world. A book to keep by the bedside and read often.”

— Karey Thorne MA, LPCC
Educator / Therapist / Co-Facilitator of the Amenti Mystery School

Rick currently lives in northern New Mexico where he spends as much time outdoors as possible.

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